The thrill of flight begins at company name. Begin your journey to becoming a commercial pilot in a Cessna 150, Cessna 172, or Mooney.

company name has experienced flight instructors that are dedicated to helping you meet your goals.

Float training

Learn the ins and outs of float flying during the summer months in one of our PA-18 super cubs


Learn the tips and trick to safely preform off airport landings whether it be on wheels or on skis.

Ever wanted to fly a tailwheel? Now is your chance! With the proper effort you can earn your tailwheel endorsement in as little as 5 flight hours!


C-150 - $160/hr dual - $110/hr solo

C-172 - $hr/dual - $/hr solo

Mooney - $250/hr dual - $/hr solo

Floats - $/hr dual

Off airport - $/hr - dual